Sunday, June 6, 2021

Ample Assassin


Ample Assassin
Hentai Foundry

This is one of a series of D&D themed OCs I was commissioned to do quiet some time ago of very special ladies of unusual chest size. They were challenges on multiple levels and quiet a learning experience in terms of upper body anatomy and armor design.

So to start off is Sasaki Sayako, the infamous smoke assassin! Born to nobility, but living a double life. As exotically decadent as she is deadly, intent on taking the world by storm!

Go check out her modern day version over on F-List

Sasaki Sayako © her commissioner Fio, A Difference in Size
Design, Composition, and Art © Jennifer MaeLynn Riddle and White Noise Graphics

Commissions are: Open and in progress!

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