Sunday, May 30, 2021

Force Battle Nude

 *WARNING* There is furry abs and elf butt ahead. No dangly man bits though. Still might be considered NSFW so proceed at own risk. You have been warned.


Hentai Foundry

Welcome to the end of Star Wars month!

We got three different commissioners who all wanted Star Wars themed work at the same time. So we decided to just make an entire thing of it!

So here is the nude version of the last installment! This one was HARDer then the clothed. Stupid fur. >.< You can't see anything really explicit but do enjoy the furry abs and nice space elf butt.

Commissioner asked for a long haired Togorian (*cough* cat wookiee *cough*), with a light trident (why can't it just be a normal light saber or basic pole arm or something ^^; ) fighting a 'random dark sider'. So I decided to go epic battle on space ship and contacted another Star Wars player I know to see if he was cool letting me use his Echani darksider with awesome tattoos. So meet Djingo Navarr of the Light and Koren Ossaki of the Dark as they test each other's skills in combat.

Djingo Navarr © the commissioner and their respective owner, creator and player
Koren Ossaki © their Star Wars loving player, their respective owner, creator and player
Star Wars © George Lucas, Lucasfilm, and Disney
Art, Concept, and Design © Jennifer MaeLynn Riddle and White Noise Graphics

Commissions are: Open and in progress!

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