Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Smiles & Teeth


Just in time for winter solstice, a very long over due bit of gift art for a long term family friend who is always there supporting me and mine even when he, himself, is stressed out and overwhelmed. I hope this brings you a little joy Slash! This is also a thank you art for a very cool artist who made cool art of one of my characters a while back. I will also say a lot of my newer experimentation with my line art was, in small part, inspired by how much of a speed demon this artist is. I hope to one day be a fraction as fast as he is.

Slash and Slash Avatar © himself
Wonhan from Forgotten Lands, Lanira AKA Gobbo Girl or whatever he's changed her name to now, The Nisego Plushie and Slash Avatar design © Nisego
Inugami Haiashita from Three Worlds, Duo Ninja, Keepers of the Moon and Gray Days © Jennifer MaeLynn Riddle and White Noise Graphics
Art, design, composition, idea, and concept for this drawing © Jennifer MaeLynn Riddle and White Noise Graphics

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