Friday, August 6, 2021

Tea Party




New stuff will be posted over the weekends but, over the weekdays, we will revisit some of the older entries into the Warhammer Month Family.

Next is Striver going all drop bear on one of the FlyOrcs in another Battle Zone Ursa poster, this time from 2018.

Within the timeline of the local role play groups back then, this was when Striver was castaway on an isolated uninhabited planet after some warp shenanigans, only to discover it was over run with Orcs. Thankfully she did get some help from a rather unexpected source, a similarly castoff eldar Harlequin whom she has been on cordial terms with ever since much to her Commander's annoyance. Clowns dropping in randomly on Tau Firewarriors always makes for a tense situation. ^^;

Warhammer and Warhammer40K © GamesWorkshop
Striver herself and Moe, Art, Design, and Composition © Jennifer MaeLynn Riddle and White Noise Graphics

Commissions are: Open and in progress!

As always, don't forget to leave comments, questions and critiques on either my front page, or any of my artworks that catches your eye! I really love reading your input and make an effort to reply whenever I can, and even if you don't get a reply right away, you can be sure that I've at least read it.

See you guys next week and in the mean time, check out my other sites!

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