Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Fire and Ash



Hentai Foundry

Hello December!

Just a quick reminder and heads up…

First, remember that White Noise Graphics also offers printing services for local artists! We offer consultations including color adjustments, paper selection, file resizing, and both digital and physical proofing to ensure that your art and design prints are fully representative of your creativity and effort. This way Alaskan artists are not limited to the impersonal and office-oriented environment of office wares stores, or photograph developing services in order to achieve the quality levels necessary for artwork prints.

Message and set up a consultation today to discuss your individual needs and requirements! We can even print Christmas cards but space is filling up fast! Delivery or shipping options available!

Second, starting December 20th, we will be celebrating a week of winter holidays! We will revisiting past Christmas, Winter Solstice, and other Seasonal artworks the releasing the newest White Noise exclusive Christmas Card!

Speaking of which, if you wanted to receive your own free custom card, message us and make sure we got your most updated address!

Third, say hello to Mireille, an original character commissioned by the awesomely patient Zweihart of Discord! A winged beauty of ash and fire, duel wielding mutable magic obsidian weapons! What more can you ask for in a modern fantasy?

Stay warm and safe people!

Commissions are: Open and in progress!

As always, don't forget to leave comments, questions and critiques on either my front page, or any of my artworks that catches your eye! I really love reading your input and make an effort to reply whenever I can, and even if you don't get a reply right away, you can be sure that I've at least read it.

See you guys next week and in the mean time, check out my other sites!

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