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*After losing Omega and the Elite to AEW, the Bullet Club had to find the only guy with a better "bang"*

Oh yeah this commission hit two fields of geekdom for me.

Though Darby Allin and Orange Cassidy (aka Freshly Squeezed, aka Pockets, aka Kitty) are my boys, I do like Kenny Omega, the Young Bucks and all them guys. Heck I am an old Undertaker fan. I use to watch wrestling right after cartoons every Saturday as a kid. Lost interest and really didn't touch it again until I got married. Hubby got me back into it and date nights are often spent watching AEW followed by listening to some wrestling history videos or various commentators like Jim Cornette (the man I credit with the Pockets nick name for Cassidy, may be an insult from Cornet but its a loving term of endearment from me, Cornette is an amazing heel to the AEW and just adds to the goofy ass anime/video game/cosplay funny feel of it) as I draw.

And Yu Yu Hakusho was and still is one of my all time favorite Animes. I love Yusuke, Kuwabara, Kurama and Hiei dearly and its hard to pick a favorite amongst them. The show (and several other shows, movies, books, manga, artists, and legends/lore/fairy tales/myths) have had a huge influence on my art work and story writing for most of my young adult and adult life. All started in 1997.

So you can imagine my giddiness when the wonderful Kilee commissioned me to do some Yu Yu Hakusho fan art featuring Yusuke as a gift for her significant other. And she gave me free range to do as I liked with the images (yes plural, there is a second one coming, even more epic then this one!). When I told hubby, he was the one suggested a Bullet Club t-shirt and I just could not leave it alone from there. I've always commented on how many wrestling references you see in Anime, especially in the older stufff, Yu Yu Hakusho included, especially during the tournament archs.

Plus after the Sugoi Dekai shirt joke


I did during Warhammer month, seemed fitting to keep the t-shirt theme going a bit.

So say hello to Yusuke Urameshi, in classic Bullet Club T-shirt and Pockets' pants!


Commissions are: Open and in progress!

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