Wednesday, October 28, 2020

The Walking Dead

13 Days of Halloween is in full swing, were we revisit old artwork of monsters, myths, bones, creepy, crawly, cheesy, and seasonal nature!

Today is about zombies versus cowboys.

Today is about ZAWW (Zombie Apocalypse Wild West).

May we be able to revive and finally finish it someday. I still haven't gotten to draw the steamboat or wendigo yet. ;_;

First is the logo. Standard undead gunslinger. ;P

Next are Howlers. Basically fast zombies. For whatever reason instead of your standard Crawler (also called a Shuffler), these guys rise up howling, yelling and screaming in what sounds like both experiential rage and pain. Their blood pressure goes sky hi as well and blood gushes from wounds, eyes, nose, mouth... you get the idea. If you don't head shot or decapitate these guys and just hit them in the chest or something (removing limbs does not calm them), they will diminish to a standard Crawler.

Next are Husks. This is what happens if zombies are left out in the desert sun to long. Older Crawlers that some how manage to last a long time and don't get taken out will evolve into a tank like mummy, or Husk. They are dried up and shriveled, almost skeletal. They are slower then even a Crawler but move silently, no moaning and groaning, blend in with their surroundings quiet well, and are WAY harder to kill. You have to double tap a head shot on these things if one manages to sneak up on you.

And last a sketch page of Crawlers, Rangers, a Preacher, Braves and a lone Husk plus the Ghost Train.

Commissions are: Open and in progress!

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