Thursday, April 16, 2020

Little A'Tuin

Little A'Tuin

Something I haven't done in a very long time. Quick collaborative art with another artist. Feagai Faalavaau (a coworker of mine) of Fang Eyes did the line art and I did the colors. No textures as we agreed this didn't need them. Go check out his work! He's got some amazing dream like ink works!

Its really hard to figure out what to put this under as all the lines were done traditionally and the coloring was done in photoshop. >.<

A detailed update on Touch of the Dragonfly and other projects coming soon!

Commissions are: On hold until after this game goes live

Jenner's current update schedule:

- The goal will be SOME kind of content for you every single week (unless I am arguing with contractors again or playing nursemaid). When and which social media site it will be on is random however. So keep an eye out!

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