Monday, December 16, 2019

3rd Day of Christmas

I realized to fit the Christmas song/carol I should have done the old drawing I'm featuring today first then the Denver Bear one, but technically the Denver Bear one was drawn first if going by chronological order.

Continuing the revisit of old Christmas drawings and teasers of things to come. Today is the start of a series of oekaki drawings I did back in collage. I could not afford drawing programs back then so I had to work with a drawing-based message board system and the super bad and wonky mouses in the campus computer labs. I honestly think a lot of my current style is the result of never learning to use a stylus until 2016. ^^;

Any way, this is Noel and his sister Nichol. Both are from my Duo Ninja/Three Worlds stories. Though only half siblings, they are extremely close and there has always been themes of 99 Red Balloons/99 Luftballons, Christmas, and music in general wrapped up with these two.

*huggles her Christmas Angel and little Deity of Death*

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-Starting December 14 through Christmas Day there will be a revisit of older and newer Christmas works as well as a few teasers for upcoming projects!

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